Susan Stuart’s Kant

Susan Stuart (University of Glasgow) is one of the rare people who can talk about Kant in a comprehensible manner. I don’t care if what she says is really what Kant meant. (I cannot think Kant ever intended to be understood.) It is clear to me that she knows what she is talking about, and that’s what matters. Besides, I love her sense of humour and earnest attitude without the doctorate air. (Some professors take themselves too seriously. We are all humans play different roles.) I like her choice of religion – Pastafarianism, even though I don’t take it for myself. She offers bananas to her students in every lecture. Phaa! I would say she is cool. The authentic cheesiness of her website says it all. ps. No hidden mockery intended. I respect anything when people mean it (which is different from believing it) whether I like it or not.


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