Possible Worlds (1990) by John Mighton

Probably this story has been lurking around in the back of my mind after I watched the movie with the same title by Robert Lepage. Or from a philosophy book that I have read.

I have memories of the time when I was two or three years old. I used to think the memories were what they were. In fact, they actually happened because my mother remembers the same events. But one day I realised that the images of my memories contained me as the protagonist. If I were to remember them as they were, I could not have seen myself in them. So I had to admit that my memories were made up based on what actually happened.

We can trick ourselves to believe what is not real. When I was little, I lied sometimes. I hated the feeling of guilt. So I made myself imagine the things happened in the way I said in my lies. I knew I made them up, but I treated them like other memories in my mind.


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