William Eggleston

People are often confused whether they should like or hate his photographs. I used to be suspicious of his reputation during my undergraduate study in photography. I was a fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson then. In comparison to Cartier-Bresson’s meticulously composed photographs, William Eggleston’s photographs looked utterly mundane. I thought that even I could do that. I have grown out of Cartier-Bresson. His photographs are superb, but do not move my heart in the way that William Eggleston’s photographs do – sad, empty and so American, as someone commented. I appreciate that William Eggleston did not try to impress people. It is easy to impress people with impressive images. His images show what was real. Real things do not come around so often. Even if they do, we do not see them as much as we do not see our lives.


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