Nobility of Animal

I was born and brought up in cities, and have not had many experiences of being around animals. Once I had a baby dog, but it did not last longer than a month in my hands. Sometime ago I had to take care of my friend’s cat, while her family was on holidays. I was never a cat person, and did not expect much from the new adventure with the cat. Surprisingly this cat fell in love with me. He probably thought I was his future mate or something. He brought me gifts, like a headless mouse or a head of a bird, for my breakfast. I freaked out, of course, and screamed at him like thunder. Probably I scared the shit out of him. He disappeared for a while. But he soon reappeared circling around me at a distance, while I was watering flowers in the garden. I nodded towards him, and he came closer and gave me his head for stroking. He forgave me. It was the first time I ever felt something about an animal as anything more than a mere pet among other household goods or a living inventory item in a zoo. It was a real thing with emotion and affection.

I cannot say I love animals, but I respect them. They are honest without trying to be so. They do not take more than what they need. When they love, they mean it. They do not tell lies or put themselves in self-deception as we humans do.


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